Friday, 12 August 2011

Dudley Road deaths: Methodist statement

City Road Methodist Church is located a few hundred yards from the site of one of the most horrific incidents of this week's rioting - the killing of three men protecting the shops on Dudley Road from looters.

The stewards have placed the following message on the church notice board.

We would like to express our profound shock at the deaths of Haroon Jahan, Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir  on Dudley Road this week.

We extend our sympathies to their families, and our respect for the measured way in which the families and communities have responded to this tragedy.

We continue to join with all men and women of goodwill in praying for the peace of our community.


Robert said...

Do you know about the peace vigil pplanned in Suumerfield Park at 3pm on Sunday? I'll try to get there but I'm organising the annual show at the allotments, and may not be able to get away.

PamBG said...

Excellent. Well done, City Road Methodist Church.

John Cooper said...

Readers may be interested in the following note circulated by ecumenical officers working in Birmingham

"Church leaders invite you to participate in the Peace Rally being organised on Sunday at 3pm. Various faith groups will be represented at the event including Bishop David Urquhart, Major Samuel Edgar, Canon Gerry Breen and the Council of Black Led Churches. The event has the full support of the City Council. Church leaders were invited to participate in the discussions that led to the following announcement by West Midlands Police. It is an opportunity to express our prayerful solidarity with people from across the city of Birmingham .

"Community groups from across Birmingham have announced their intention to stage a Peace Rally in response to this week's disorder and the tragic loss of three young men in Birmingham . The event is planned for 3pm on Sunday 14 August, at Summerfield Park ( Dudley Road ), Winson Green B16 0BJ.

The organisers are hopeful that many people will share their sense of unity over these matters and will choose to join them for the meeting.

There are currently concerns that there are other marches arranged for this afternoon in Birmingham , none of which have cross-community support. Organisers are appealing for these events to be postponed in favour of the cross-community event on Sunday."

David said...

We are encouraging our members to attend this event.