Sunday, 10 July 2011

The night we were bombed

The shaft of light in the middle of this picture is a reminder that for a few hours in 1943 the future of our church was in the balance. A German raid had left a trail of damage through Rotten Park, two houses fifty yards down City Road had been blown up.

A bomb came through our roof, left a hole and then landed on the church floor where some brave soul defused it. The roof was repaired and the incident forgotten. That was until last Thursday when the roofers found a round hole in the pitch and horsehair felt that had been used to cover the rafters in 1903. Underneath in the woodwork was the hole that has been unnoticed -for many years. Next week the hole will be covered up and the incident again forgotten.

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Robert said...

It must have been bad. There were people living in the shed on my allotment during the Bitz, and they weren't the only ones. I've got what I think is a fragment of a blast bomb that I dug up a few years ago.