Friday, 8 July 2011

Jews and Methodists repair rifts - Jewish Chronicle

This morning's Jewish Chronicle carries favourable coverage of Monday evening's fringe event.

My comment earlier this week is here

I note with interest that this event was not covered by any other Methodist bloggers, which I think a great shame given the significance of the occasion.

I also note how little coverage and enthusiasm there appears to have been for the anti-Israeli fringe  meeting held on Tuesday evening. But then it isn't a good idea to invite a speaker who praises suicide bombers as "martyrs"!


Kim Hutson said...

Right on, Brother!

Black Country Kid said...

David, I have not commented on this because I, and you may say this is a sad reflection on me, do not have as deep an understanding as you and others who have commented in various places recently about the issues here.

It may be that there is some reluctance by folk to make comments on this issue because of the apparent zeal with which some people pursue this topic, even to the point of in my opinion coming across as slightly overbearing.

I am reminded of a folk group from the Birmingham area called the Timoneers who used to sing a song with the lyrics 'And if you can't say anything that's nice,just keep your big mouth shut that's my advice'. This is advice I try to follow in a sense as I really have to be extremely passionate to get involved in a verbal battle on a topic.

I have to admit I can not get passionate about this topic and some of the stuff I have read over the past few weeks from both sides of the debate has not helped. I do however appreciate efforts made by other to redress the balance.