Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Steventon Fire Brigade

A couple of weeks ago I published a picture of my great grandfather, Alexander Rowland Jones, with his engine The County of Pembroke. I found a cache of families photos during a sort out. Here's another photograph of  great grandfather Jones with his men in the Steventon volunteer fire brigade.He is top right in the peaked cap. I've been trying to date the photograph. Obviously we know that it was taken sometime between 1890 and the 1920s. My feeling is that had it been taken after the First World War there would be more service medals on display. It could be that the four medal holders had served in the Boer Wars placing it sometime between 1902 and 1914. If any readers know anything about the subject I'd love to hear from them.

Just one thing about Steventon: historically it was part of the Royal County of Berkshire. In fact my grandfather fought with the Royal Berks. There was great anger in that part of the family when Steventon was transferred into Oxfordshire as part of the reorganisation of local government in the 1970s.

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