Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Up the O's!

Can't do much posting tonight - I'm working in north London and it is a very long commute.

Many of my colleagues are supporters of the football club Arsenal.

Anyway they are in a state of mourning at the moment following their disastrous loss against Birmingham City. I must admit its one of the few times in my life that I've ever emitted any squeak of appreciation for the Blues.

Tonight though is different. My own team from way back when, Leyton Orient, take on Arsenal following their quarter final draw.

The last time I really gambled I put £20 on Orient to win the FA cup at 150/1. I placed the bet right at the beginning of the season before the very first round. That was way back in the seventies. All my friends tried to persuade me to lay it off when Orient got into the semis. I probably would have been able to take  away £1000 - a lot of money in 1978. Once the ball was kicked the bookies offer would be off the table.

Alas Orient were drawn against Arsenal. And we lost badly. My sentiment - I'd like to think it was principles -meant that I was about £7000 worse off in today's money. I haven't gambled since.

I shan't be at the match because I have a previous dinner appointment. But I shall be willing Orient to avenge that semi final and my £20 stake. Up the O's!


Fat Prophet said...

I am intrigued by the comment about swear words in the names of football teams. Trying to work out the other one!

Felonious Monk said...
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Methodist Preacher said...

Thank you comment deleted. Let us be Methodist about this and say that they are a championship league team not far from Wesley's north Lincolnshire birthpalce.

Fat Prophet said...

Still don't know which team you are talking about!

Felonious Monk said...

Methodist Preacher is a hypocrite. He thinks that Arse-nal is acceptable but that Sc***horpe isn't. He started the whole thing. He should live with the consequences.

Methodist Preacher said...

Oh dear!