Sunday, 3 October 2010

Methodist Church faces legal challenge over discrimination

The Methodist Church is to face a legal challenge over its discriminatory campaign against Israel.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that lawyer Paul  Diamond will argue that the Methodist resolution passed in the summer is in breach of European human rights law and a wide-ranging European Union directive on racism. 

By singling out Israel, rather than other countries with often worse human rights records, Mr Diamond will claim the church is being deliberately prejudiced against the Jewish state.


David said...

Thanks to all those who have sent very encouraging messages. I think the next few months will be difficult but I have been interested to see supportive comments on many blogs - Christian, Jewish and even Unitarian!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of your opinion on this surely your main premise of what the Church is using its money for falls when the cost of fighting such a case would be much more than the cost of the volunteers who were brought together to write a report. We also have a wide range of other reports about problems around the world and proposals to take suitable action. I think this is wrong on so many levels David, and your argument contains untruths, half truths and what appears to be deliberate twisting of the facts. I am sad that you think this is the thing that you and the Church should put our resources into. RubyB

Ian G said...

Six comments on Daphne Anson

All very favourable.

Tom said...

Palestinian Christians, the body of Christ and our brothers and sisters face discrimination. They do live under occupation and they are being heavily squeezed by both the settlers and radical Islamic groups. You say we shouldn't criticise the settlers or boycott them. Ok... so what is your alternative? Our bother and sisters in Christ are pleading with us for our support. Will you ignore them? Try to stop any attempt to help them just so that you can get on better with non-Christians?

The thing I find most galling about your action is that you offer no alternative! You offer nothing to help those who need our help, only legal actions to stop us supporting our fellow Christians.

I think the only racism is from you. If they were Fiji Methodist you would support them, instead they are Palestinians so you turn your back. Shame!

jbush said...

David, take a look at another blogger's piece covering the law around the land:

Anonymous said...

Good luck, I will do all I can to help

Jonathan Hoffman

Anonymous said...

David, I am genuinely interested to hear why you support the Israeli states illegal occupation of Palestinian land, the illegal extraction of Palestinian resources and the illegal manufacture and sale of Palestinian resources labelled as products of Israel and sold illegally in our high street shops.? What aspect of this do you like?