Monday, 18 January 2010

A covenant service at Westminster

At the start of what looks like another very busy week (no blogging!) I had the real pleasure of attending the Covenant and Communion Service of the Parliamentary Methodist Fellowship this evening.

The congregation came from much wider than the Westminster village and I sat with a lady from a Methodist Church in Bow and a Minister from Streatham.

It was held in the high Anglican venue of the Parliamentary Chapel. We even had no less than eighteen totally redundant candles. It was a bit spooky saying the Covenant confession as Big Ben struck six.

Nevertheless the singing was just amazing. Over 150 Methodists going at Love Divine really makes the spirit move. I warmed to the organist who played Here is Love during the communion call. I wanted to start singing, as did one or two others.

Martin Turner, the Minister at Westminster Central Hall gave a cracking sermon. His point was that the Old Testament lesson (Deuteronomy 29:10-15) was about the corporate or national response, the New Testament, (John 15:1-10) was about the individual. Many Covenant Services are about the New Year, this one had a little edge.

One point Martin made that I especially appreciated was that when the people of Israel were drawn up in the Deuteronomy included amongst them were the "aliens" - a real reminder that God is inclusive, as we should be too.

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