Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Common Ownership and Social Justice

One of the reasons my political career was cut  short was because I opposed Tony Blair's re-writing of Clause Four of the Labour Party's constitution.

During those critical few months in 1994  I wrote a short paper outlining the Biblical case for common ownership. I long ago lost my remaining copies but now I see that it has popped up as an archived paper from 1995 on The Citizen website.

Even though I say it myself it is well worth a read....and the history of this country would be very different had the Labour Party heeded it's prophetic message.

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David said...

...and right on cue this morning Cabinet Minister Tessa Jowell is writing about the possibilities of "mutualism", using almost the same language as I did all those years ago. However I can't recall Tessa at my side on the barricades when the struggle was practical rather than, as now, theoretical.